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Snoop Dogg posts another Bill Cosby meme [PHOTO]

Snoop Dogg 17By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, Bill Cosby has begun to dominate the headlines. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the sitcom he had planned to air on NBC. Instead, Bill Cosby is being brought up on rape allegations from various women, including Janice Dickinson, who saw a return to fame after joining VH1.

Bill Cosby is taking a hit in the media, as everyone is still debating whether he is guilty or not. He is suddenly all over TMZ, on both of the TV shows, and all over the website. Also, he has become the target for jokes on social media from both regular people and celebrities, who are following the story.

Snoop Dogg already posted a meme on his Instagram, where he is making light of Bill Cosby’s situation. This afternoon, Snoop Dogg decided to post another meme. With this meme, the aim is taken at Bill Cosby and also his pudding pops from the 1990s, which were jokes of their own.

See Snoop Dogg’s Instagram photo below:


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