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Quavo shows off two new YRN chains on Instagram [PHOTO]

Quavo 5By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Migos recently got caught up in their drama with GBE and things got violent. They have had confrontations with Capo and Chief Keef, along with receiving a warning from Fredo Santana. It all started after the Migos ran up on Capo in a Chicago restaurant and it set the tone for what came next.

The trio ended up in Washington, DC the same night GBE was in town. Rumors of a fight hit the internet and soon one of the Migos’ chains ended up on Chief Keef’s Instagram. It looked like the trio did lose a fight, but Quavo spoke out the same day and he made it clear that he still had his chains.

Boasting even more, Quavo took to Instagram this afternoon to show off even more to the public. His chains are still dangling, as he said in the video he put on Instagram. So, when he came back to Instagram, Quavo decided to show off two more of his YRN chains and the people continued to speculate.

See Quavo’s Instagram photo below:


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