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Hottie Of The Week: Exclusive Jaz

Exclusive JazBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Social media is a very intriguing thing, because it has changed the dynamics of almost every industry, especially entertainment. Many aspiring stars have set up social media profiles and have built big fan bases. It was through social media that Exclusive Jaz first caught the attention of the Hip Hop Vibe staff.

Exclusive Jaz is a popular model, bartender, and businesswoman that is making sure the world notices her. Just take a look at her, it’s hard not to notice Exclusive Jaz and not want to know more about her movement. She has put in a lot of work and this work is beginning to pay off for her.

This week, Exclusive Jaz talked to Hip Hop Vibe for the Hottie of the Week segment. She gave a little background into the impact she is having on the game. Exclusive Jaz also went on to speak on some of her business ventures, and of course, her favorite drinks to mix when she is bartending.

Read the entire interview below:

Jaz, how long have you been modeling and what inspired you to get into the profession? I have only been modeling for about two years. It was something I never considered growing up until I got into college and when more people brought it to my attention. I started out hosting parties and clubs before modeling and thats when I started seeing modeling as more than just pretty girls but as more of a form of art and talent.

What is your ethnicity? My father is African American and my mother is Caucasian. I am mixed between those two ethnicities.

Can you tell me a little bit about the KeyAirAngel brand and what it represents? I was introduced to KeyAirAngels about a year ago on Instragram and Twitter. The CEO of the brand reached out to me asking me to be apart of the movement. KeyAirAngels is a group of women from all over that inspire, uplift, and support each other to encourage and uplift other women across the world. We are all free-lanced or signed models that specialize in fitness, fashion, beauty and makeup. Some girls have other talents like singing and dancing or are just fun and exotic women to be around. We are all sisters that want to be role models for other girls or women to look up to.

What do you do to maintain your beauty and physical fitness? I do a lot of exercising to maintain my physical fitness. I workout five days out of the week by doing cardio, light weight lifting, and abs. I try to drink a lot of water to keep my body hydrated and to keep my face from breaking out. I try not to wear makeup everyday and I usually only wear makeup if I have to work, do a photo-shoot, or host an event. Having a clean face sometimes helps your face breathe and not breakout. I wash my face twice a day with gentle face wash and moisturize after. Also, you can’t forget to take your vitamins!

I recently saw that you were a pretty good bartender. What ingredients would I need to make the Exclusive Jaz mixdrink? Yes, I recently bar-tended a Halloween party. One of my favorite drinks is called the Incredible Hulk. Mix Hennessy and Hypnotic together to form a green looking drink that’s fruity but has a good buzz to it! Gotta try it out!

Can you name a couple of the things that you are most proud of accomplishing and what other goals have you yet to obtain? That’s a good question! I have done a lot of things, here and there, that I am proud of. I think one of the things I am most proud of is working with my Royal Baddies in Chicago! Those girls are amazing and I wouldn’t want to choose another promo group to work with. They are so driven and hard working. Everyone wants to make something out of themselves and will keep working until they get to where they want to be. Being able to host parties with these celebrities and artists is a great feeling. The Royal Baddies have so much more coming just wait on it! Another main goal that I am working on is my college degree. It’s hard sometimes balancing school with my entertainment profession. Once I get my degree I know that will help open a lot of other doors for me as well!

When I say the words “beautiful model,” what names come to mind and where do you see yourself among those names? Those words have a strong meaning. Being a beautiful model can be multiple things. Being beautiful isn’t always about your image, but how you present yourself and who you really are inside and out. Being a beautiful model should be inspiring to others and encouraging to people that there are several forms of beauty. When I think about the words beautiful model, I think I have nice features that make me a beautiful model. In addition to that I know I want to help others in every aspect that I can to make others feel beautiful about themselves.

What is your favorite dessert, fragrance, and vacation destination? My favorite dessert is peanut butter panic ice cream, or my forever-favorite, chocolate fudge brownie sundae! I mainly use Victoria Secret fragrances like their pink body mists. I want to go to Los Angeles so bad! Hopefully, I can travel there for my spring break. I’ve heard it’s like a whole separate world out there. I’d love to check it out and explore.

Can you tell us how to follow you on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? You can follow me on Instagram, @exclusive_jaz_ and the same for Twitter. Get at me!

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