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HHV Exclusive: Glen Purdy talks “Blunts Rolled Loose” and “Sykotic Brand”

Glen PurdyBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last week, Glen Purdy saw the video for his single, “Blunts Rolled Loose,” premiere on Hip Hop Vibe. A native of Philadelphia, Glen Purdy has slowly began to make his impact on the local scene. Coming from a place of honesty, listeners are drawn in by such singles as “Blunts Rolled Loose,” but get captivated by the deeper story.

Underneath off of this is a young man who is coping with a lot of loss within his personal life. He addresses this on his record, “Uncle,” which should be included on his upcoming mixtape, Sykotic Brand Presents. This is Glen Purdy’s first official offering to the public and he’s excited for it.

Recently, Glen Purdy took time out to talk to Hip Hop Vibe about his story. He discussed the single, “Blunts Rolled Loose,” and Sykotic Brand. Glen Purdy also went on to tell the story of losing the two father figures in his life at such a young age and how he has managed to keep his life on the right track.

Read the entire interview below:

Given your background, losing two father figures, and growing up in a single parent household, would you consider writing as your escape? I always felt like losing two father figures and growing up in a struggling single parent household made me the person who I am today. Whoever that may be, because sometimes I feel like an angel because of the compassion it gave me, other times I feel like a devil because of the bitterness that my life gave me.

What were some of your earliest raps about? My earliest raps/poems are most likely about my dad getting murdered. It’s definitely made me a complex and artistic person, so I have poems/raps about hose hard times outside of my more upbeat tracks. I have a notebook full of sad shit (laughs). I wouldn’t exactly call writing an an escape for me, because my mind is still flooded with the same bullshit problems, however writing is definitely a therapeutic temporary purgative in a way.

You lost your uncle, who was your father figure growing up, and you wrote a song called “Uncle,” can you tell us more about it? Yeah, I wrote a song called “Uncle” its off my first mixtape, called Sykotic Brand Present. It is about the death of my uncle who was someone that really looked out for me growing up. I mean like, I never had an actual dad, because he was killed when I was so young, so when my Uncle passed away, I felt the need to express it through art, which is why I wrote a song about my uncle. I love him forever. Rest in peace.

Can you discuss your upcoming album, Sykotic Brand? I decided to make my upcoming album a mixtape called Sykotic Brand Presents. Sykotic Brand is basically the lifestyle that I live so I wanted to incorporate that in the title. It stems from creative INDIVIDUALS that have interest in art such as fashion, poetry, and, of course, music. People that don’t follow the grain and aren’t afraid to be what they call “weirdos.” The mixtape is a very diverse project. No song sounds like the other. I have romantic slow songs, I have “turn up” party songs, songs about my life and my hustle, and even songs about my parents, and my dad’s death, etc. I talk about a lot to cover my life/diverse personality. I sing my own choruses and can do just about any type of song so i really wanted to show that with my mixtape. It will be about 10-12 songs. Watch “Cigarettes and Perfume” and “Blunts Rolled Loose” on YouTube by Glen Purdy (me) to experience a small taste of my musical diversity. Be on the look out for Sykotic Brand Presents mixtape.

Another track off the album you’re promoting is “Blunts Rolled Loose,” how do you feel about this record? I’m very proud with the way my record “Blunts Rolled Loose” turned out. I’m not like a pothead or nothin and I still fuck with it heavy. You can bump it at a club, on your way to the club with your homies, or even if your just twisting a blunt up chillin.’ It’s a party song and the video showed our lifestyle pretty well just handgun out on south street in Philly out front of Lorenzo’s Pizza, etc. “Blunts Rolled Loose” is a VERY catchy record with some dope punch lines if you really listen. I’d RECOMMEND IT FOR ANYBODY!! Watch the video here right now!

What should fans expect from your music and your overall style? As far as my fans and future fans to expect of my overall style, the best answer I could give you is to not expect anything but some DOPE SHIT. I’m such a diverse person that it comes out in my art, like I could write a whole slow song about something deep and philosophical in a way, I could come out singing on tracks/choruses. I can get lyrical, I could even do some party shit. Its all about expressing how I feel. and thats what rap is R.A.P., “Reality Artistically Portrayed.”

Can you let the people know where they can find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Be sure to follow me on Twitter @Glenstarspurdy to keep up with me and watch me blow up even more as an artist. “Like” my Facebook page, to keep up with me. Definitely be sure to keep up with me on AND MY YouTube channel, Thanks for everyone that read and shouts out to Q The Question, Madeleine Hogan, all my supporters/fans,God, and my amazing beautiful mother.

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