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Fans on Twitter bash Lifetime’s #AaliyahMovie

Aaliyah movieBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Aaliyah is to the hip hop community is what Selena is to the Hispanic community. Both stars were taken too sonn and in tragic fashion. The parallels between the two fallen ladies continued, last night, when Lifetime premiered the film based on Aaliyah’s life and the people tuned in.

Hip hop fans are passionate about Aaliyah and they want the story told properly. With a subject as sensitve as Aaliyah, it takes a lot to satisfy fans in regards to the movie. But, when it comes to what Lifetime put together, all the fans’ differing opinions have united and they are not pleased.

Fans have taken to their Twitter to express their disdain for Lifetime. While they will always have love for Aaliyah, they didn’t love how she was portrayed in this film. As the fans on Twitter can be, they have no chill and they showed no mercy while giving their reviews for the film.

Read the tweets about the Aaliyah movie below:

Aaliyahmovie1Aaliyahmovie2 Aaliyahmovie3 Aaliyahmovie4 Aaliyahmovie5 Aaliyahmovie6 Aaliyahmovie7 Aaliyahmovie8 Aaliyahmovie9 Aaliyahmovie10 Aaliyahmovie11 Aaliyahmovie12 Aaliyahmovie13 Aaliyahmovie14 Aaliyahmovie15

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