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Jose Guapo talks “Osama Bin Guapo” with DJ Holiday [VIDEO]

Jose Guapo DJ HolidayBy DJ Charlie Hustle
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Holding it down here in Atlanta on the mixtape scene is Jose Guapo and he’s currently in the midst of some controversy. He decided to take on a sensitive event as the concept for his next project. All of this is addressed with Osama Bin Guapo and the controversial mixtape cover.

Jose Guapo is a member of the Street Execs camp and known for appearing on mixtape tracks with some big names. Among the people Jose Guapo has worked with includes the biggest name in the past few years, 2 Chainz. There are many people who are tuned into this movement.

DJ Holiday currently holds it down for Streetz 94.5 here in Atlanta. Recently, Jose Guapo was the guest at the show, sitting down for an interview. They had a conversation that centered around the Osama Bin Guapo mixtape, which is coming out on Christmas Eve, so stay tuned.

Watch the entire interview below:

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