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Ron Browz releases “Still Got It” mixtape cover [PHOTO]

Ron Browz 2By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Six years ago, Ron Browz had success with “Pop Chamagne” and he’s had a lot of success since then. Much of Ron Browz success came with the mixtapes and he has another one coming up soon. The latest mixtape from Ron Browz is called Still Got It and it’s coming out soon.

Ron Browz is doing his thing right now and he recently released his “Handle It” record, with Tony Yayo. Coming up, Ron Browz has some more new music to deliver in promotion of the upcoming mixtape. Excitement should be slowly building for all of this new music and now he is ready to deliver.

Earlier this week, Ron Brownz delivered more than “Handle It.” He released the official artwork for the Still Got It mixtape. The artwork was released through his Instagram and, if the photo above is any indication, it looks like Ron Browz is going to definitely be having some fun.

See Ron Browz’s Instagram photo below:

Still Got It

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