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Hottie Of The Week: Pretti Passion

Pretti PassionBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Not every interest ends up becoming its own culture, but there is a lot that goes into this whole hip hop movement. It all began with the love of the party, which music was the root of, but there is a lot that goes into it. Everything from the graffiti artists even down to the music moguls all play their role.

While some debate which roles matter more, everyone can agree that a sexy woman walking by can shut the argument down, however briefly. One woman who is shutting things down is Pretti Passion. Still on the rise, Pretti Passion has appeared in a couple of music videos from rising artists like Snootie Wild and Young Thug.

This week, Pretti Passion took time out of her schedule to talk to Hip Hop Vibe for the Hottie of the Week segment. Here, she spoke on her rising career, her outside interests, and what interests her in a man. Anyone who wants to get to know Pretti Passion should check this conversation out.

Read the entire interview below:

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to do a little bit of everything. I really just enjoy life and the people around me whether it’s traveling, turning up, trying something new or having a relaxing night in. I’m weird (laughs).

What was Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta about? My friend was getting married and I was on there giving her advice on what kind of dress to pick and gave my opinion on what she did and didn’t look good in. It was fun but it was exposure too.

Are you currently satisfied with the path your career is taking? I’m more so excited about the future than anything. I’m doing everything that I want to be doing and the happiness is indescribable. I’ll be graduating with a Master’s soon and my modeling career is taking off faster than expected, so I guess I can say I’m pretty satisfied.

What was it like working on set with Young Thug? It was really cool. It was 3 am, so he kept us up. He is definitely a character, but I love his energy and creativity.

I have a thing for women with sexy legs and you have great legs. What do you do to keep them looking shapely and smooth? Just the normal regiment. Good Ole baby oil gel or Vaseline and lotion. Also you know of course wearing heels helps workout my calves.

What are a couple things that turn you on when dating a man? A great mind stimulating conversation. You have to draw me in by making me laugh, challenging me, and having sex appeal. I get bored easily and don’t like weak minded men. I like a man who can mind (fuck) me. You have to be able to make me want you without even touching me.

If I were given the opportunity to taste Pretti Passion what would the flavor be? Watermelon. In my Beyonce voice (Laughs). Nah, I would say pineapple. It’s juicy and leaves a great after taste.

Can you let us know how to find you on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? @Pretti_passion on both Twitter and Instagram. I’m not really a Facebook fan.

See additional photos of Pretti Passion below:

Pretti Passion 2Pretti Passion 3

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