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Maino releases “King of Brooklyn 2” cover and track listing [PHOTO]

Maino 7By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Early this year, Maino got off to a strong start when he released King of Brooklyn. The project was his retail release and Maino jumped back in the studio during the second part of the year. Since the early part of 2014, Maino stayed out of the spotlight and he’s been hard at work.

Maino began working on King of Brooklyn 2, first announcing the project during the summer months. With the fall in full swing, Maino is ready to return in time for the Holiday season to begin. This time, Maino has a lot bigger music in the works, as he continues his reign as king.

King of Brooklyn 2 is coming on November 25 and Maino released the album cover and track listing for the project. Guest appearances come from B.o.B., French Montana, Lil Durk, Busta Rhymes, and Uncle Murda. This project looks to be one of the hottest releases to close the year of 2014.

See the King of Brooklyn 2 cover and track listing below:

King of Brooklyn 2King of Brooklyn 2 back

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