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Jose Guapo releases controversial artwork for #OsamaBinGuapo [PHOTO]

Jose Guapo 4By Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Big on the Atlanta hip hop scene, Jose Guapo is a member of the Street Execs camp. He has made a pretty big impression on the mixtape scene, but it is nothing compared to what he is going to do next. The new mixtape Jose Guapo is working on is called Osama Bin Guapo and the title, alone, is controversial.

The concept of the project appears to be Jose Guapo attacking the industry with his own way of doing things. But, how he chooses to convey this message has caused a big stir and it is proven just by the title. Going deeper, however, Jose Guapo is sure to offend plenty of people with this new mixtape.

Loosely based on the 9/11 tragedy, Jose Guapo’s artwork for the mixtape has the Twin Towers featured. One tower represents Universal Records and the other tower represents Def Jam. There are airplanes going into both buildings, reflecting the tragedies from thirteen years ago.

See Jose Guapo’s Instagram photo below:

Osama Bin Guapo

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