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Fredo Santana issues a warning to Migos [VIDEO]

Fredo Santana 9By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Between GBE and the Migos, things have been tense for over a year. Recently, their beef reached a new head when the Migos visited Chicago and ran up on Capo in a local restaurant. Immediately, Fredo Santana jumped into the situation and let the Migos know where he stands with this ongoing beef.

Fredo Santana got on Twitter and he made it clear he would go after Migos if they caused more trouble. They ended up getting into a Twitter beef and Fredo Santana has since gotten on record. His latest track is rumored to be a diss record that is aimed at Migos, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Yesterday, Fredo Santana continued his social media onslaught against Migos. He put a video up on Instagram and he was clear how this whole thing could go down. Call it a special PSA aimed towards the Migos, but Fredo Santana had a warning for the trio of they wanted to continue causing trouble with his team.

Watch Fredo Santana’s Instagram video below:


A video posted by fredosantanaSSR (@fredosantanassr) on

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