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Nude photo of Chris Brown exposed in Instagram DM [PHOTO]

Chris Brown 24By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This year, Chris Brown managed to overcome plenty of personal demons and bless the world with good music. He successfully reminded the world of why he was so successful in the first place. With everything going well for him on the music scene, Chris Brown has done his best to make up for things on a personal level.

Finally at peace with Drake after a two year beef and fully moved on from Rihanna, Chris Brown wants to start a family. But, life on the road as a young star comes with plenty of enticements. This is something every man falls victim to, Chris Brown being no different than the rest.

Unfortunately, social media is alive and well during Chris Brown’s era, so his moments of weakness are captured forever. Recently, Chris Brown went an Instagram direct message to one girl who follows him. She, in turn, released the nude photo of Chris Brown to the internet for all to see.

See the photo of Chris Brown here.

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