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Migos run up on GBE’s Capo in Chicago [VIDEO]

Migos 10By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Atlanta trio, Migos, had much success in 2013 and they initially had a lot of support from many Chicago artists, including the GBE movement. They did a couple of songs with group leader, Chief Keef, and all was well. But, before the year ended, Migos and GBE were at odds.

Over the past year, they have traded shots on Twitter and Instagram. There are few things both Migos and GBE agree on, but they both decided that it’s on whenever they see each other. Their moment came at a moment none of them expected, earlier this afternoon, when one GBE member was getting food.

Migos were recently in Chicago and they were at the same restaurant as Capo, one of the members of GBE. The trio ended up approaching him and they captured the whole thing on tape. Takeoff did the honors of sharing the encounter on his Instagram for all of the followers.

Watch Takeoff’s Instagram video below: