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Hottie Of The Week: Ms. Exotic

Ms. ExoticBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

No matter what, New York City will always be the birthplace of hip hop and it’s the birthplace for a lot of people in other cities who are in the game. There are many women who have found position in the game and more who are looking for a spot. Ladies, such as Tahiry and Erica Mena have set a standard for modern women in the game.

Another woman on the New York scene making moves is Ms. Exotic, who is closely affiliated with DJ Self. After the two met, they became fast friends and immediately began working together. This works well for Ms. Exotic, who is an emcee, an exotic dancer, and a model.

Known for doing many things, Ms. Exotic took time out to speak to Hip Hop Vibe. She is the latest Hottie of the Week and she definitely brought the heat. In her interview, Ms. Exotic explained how she has gained her position in the game, her growth, and what it takes to get her attention.

Read the entire interview below:

What do you consider yourself a model, a musician or an exotic dancer? I consider myself to be a little bit of everything, I multitask very well.

How did you originally become affiliated with DJ Self? I met him at Perfection, he introduced himself to me as a totally different name.

What events led to you being on your own as a teenager and what did you do to survive in the streets of NYC? My moms kicked me out to set an example for my siblings. I was forced to find my way trapping and hustling and that is how I survived at sixteen.

Can you tell us about your music and how you plan to use it as a platform to break into a new industry? It’s an outlet to express my views and I have a new Mixtape coming January 2015 so look out for it.

You mentioned that you have some strong industry relationships. Who has been some of your biggest inspirations in both the music and Urban modeling world? Malcolm Miles, Cash Money YMCMB, DJ Self, Gwinin Team Chips and 50/50 Music Group, Arlis Michaels, Sub 0, and the list goes on.

Being an artist, as well as an exotic dancer, have you had anybody come at you sideways trying to take advantage of you due to your sexuality? Yes, of course. People try me all the time.

What’s the sexiest attribute that Ms. Exotic has and what is your favorite move when on that dance stage? I think it’s my “do me face,” as one of my followers calls it.

What does a man need to do to have Ms. Exotic give him his own personal private freak show? They have to carry themselves as a man and be respectful.

Can you tell us how to find you on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? @ms_3xotic.

See additional photos of Ms. Exotic below:

Ms. Exotic 2Ms. Exotic 3

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