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HHV Exclusive: Young Scrap talks West Coast success, “Love LA,” “Faded Ambition,” and more

Young ScrapBy DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

If a person is going to be a hip hop fan in 2014, they have to accept the fact that the West Coast is winning right now. This includes Young Scrap, who has been doing his thing for quite a while now. Currently, Young Scrap is preparing the release of his Faded Ambition project.

Young Scrap is one of the hottest rising West Coast artists, but he has a strong affiliation with DJ Grady. In fact, DJ Grady is hosting Faded Ambition alongside both DJ Iceberg and DJ Carisma. This upcoming project includes the “Love LA” single, produced by DJ Mustard.

Earlier this week, Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to talk to Young Scrap and he was open in the conversation. He gave his perspective on the West Coast’s explosion in Los Angeles. Young Scrap also went into detail about his music, the single, “Love LA,” and Faded Ambition.

Read the entire interview below:

How are you feeling about the domination the West Coast hip hop scene is on? Man, honestly, it’s an amazing feeling right now. It reminds me of the Dre, Snoop, NWA days. It’s amazing and I can tell that everyone in LA feels the exact same way.

DJ Mustard has shaped the sound of the West’s new trend and he is all over the place, how do you feel about that? DJ Mustard deserves everything that is coming his way. He DJ-ed my sister’s sweet 16 and he has been grinding for a long time before he actually blew up. He worked for his and what he is getting is well-deserved.

You and DJ Mustard worked together on your “Love LA” single, what’s it like to work with him? Man, it was really dope. Barry, the director of my “No Love” video, introduced his and DJ Mustard brought me into his studio and played me his tracks, he has so many hits. We have more than “Love LA” in the works in terms of singles, DJ Mustard doesn’t quite get the credit he deserves.

Should the people expect “Love LA” to be on your Faded Ambition project? It is absolutely going to be on Faded Ambition. I wanted a LA sound for my new project, a current LA vibe. We have a lot of tracks that reflect what my city is currently doing. Everyone is excited, winning, and having fun right now.

What should the people expect from the Faded Ambition project? Man, I am a R&B person and I am bringing that, but on a bit better with this project. All together, I am doing an awesome rap project, but I am also revisiting my R&B side and I am capturing both of these with Faded Ambition, which I consider a mixtape/album project.

Hosting the new mixtape is DJ Carisma, DJ Iceberg, and DJ Grady, how did you and Grady link up for this tape? You want to know something? I have known DJ Grady for a long time back when I had no buzz. He was one of the first people who believed in my sound. My first mixtape, Music To Fuck To, was hosted by DJ Grady and it built him as a DJ and me as a artist. It happened that way because he believed in me as an artist.

Who are some of the people who will make an appearance on this Faded Ambition? We have Lil Wayne, TeeFlii, Tion Sipps, and that’s about it regarding features.

Your music is all over the radio right now, what does it feel like to hear yourself all over the airwaves? I was just saying this, there is nothing more important than the support of your own city. Now, my whole family, friends, and team is supporting everything I do, DJ Felli Fel, Big Boy, and DJ Carisma are really supporting my music and putting me on the radio. It is a crazy feeling.

Can you let the people know where to find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Absolutely. YoungScraponline is Facebook. Twitter is @YoungScrap, Instagram is @YoungScrap, YouTube is YoungScrapVevo. I keep those updated, so follow me to stay up to date.

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