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Chief Keef reveals “Bang 3” release date on Instagram [PHOTO]

Chief Keef 14By DJ Junior
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Arguably the leader on the Chicago hip hop scene, Chief Keef is also a member of the 1017 Brick Squad family. Often, there is a lot of talk about Chief Keef, but this discussion is simply about the music. On Christmas day, fans were highly disappointed when Chief Keef didn’t drop Bang 3.

Despite not dropping the mixtape, Chief Keef continued to keep the fans engaged and he let them know the project was coming soon. Early in 2014, Chief Keef decided to release Bang 3 and he is putting the finishing touches on it now. He is working on the tape now.

Recently, Chief Keef linked up with Larry Jackson and after they hung out, he shared the photo on Instagram. Showing off his time with Larry Jackson, Chief Keef also made an announcement about the mixtape. Bang 3 is coming in early 2014 and the current release date for the mixtape is March 3 and the first video is coming in February.

See Chief Keef’s Instagram post below:

Chief Keef Bang 3 IG

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