Gucci Mane reportedly choked cell-mate to death after he tried to lick the ice cream cone off his face

Gucci Mane 16By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The State vs. Radric Davis has become a literal statement over the past year. It seemed, as one point, Gucci Mane was past his legal woes. Ironically, when his career reached commercial heights, he ended up having to go to prison, but he still managed to drop two albums on the heels of each other.

Gucci Mane keeps the streets hot with releases, but only has two official albums out. He is working on a street sequel to his commercial debut, The State vs. Radric Davis, but rumors say things have gotten trickier. The legal woes of Gucci Mane have been well-documented and now an odd story has surfaced.

According to reports from, Gucci Mane woke up in jail to his cell-mate trying to lick the ice cream cone off his face. Once Gucci Mane realized the man was trying to rape him, he blacked out and choked him to death. Taking place this morning, according to rumors Gucci Mane faces 25-to-life for this situation.

Because he acted in self-defense, Gucci Mane is pleading not guilty and he released a statement saying Young Jeezy is the only person he would intentionally kill.

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