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Lil Jay teases his dead gang rivals on Twitter with new collage

Lil Jay 2By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This year, Lil Jay was one of the breakout drill artists from Chicago. Known for his affiliations with Chief Keef, GBE, and all the other camps, Lil Jay has become another controversial figure in the game. These artists have gained viral success because of their rapping, but they still live the criminal lifestyle.

Comparable to the other Chicago artists who make this style of music, Lil Jay also targets his rivals on Twitter. Last year, many rappers got into trouble over their posts about Lil Jojo after his death. When Tupac Shakur died, The Notorious B.I.G. spoke out, expressing regret on his death because that can’t be reversed, times changed.

Last night, Lil Jay decided to poke fun at the rival gang members who have tried him in the past. Previously, Lil Jay was shot and he has a picture of himself in the hospital on Instagram. But, for those who died before him that wanted him dead, Lil Jay took to his Twitter to address them with a collage.

See Lil Jay’s Twitter post below:

Lil Jay rides on his enemies

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