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Dee-1 signs record deal with RCA Inspiration

Dee-1By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the most-interesting rappers in the game is Dee-1 and he emerged earlier this year. A native of New Orleans, Dee-1 worked closely with Mannie Fresh and Mos Def and those co-signs have taken him far. Most known Dee-1 for his single, “You Stupid Fool,” and his releases earlier this year.

Since a lot of the hottest rappers in the game are unsigned, with the changes the industry made, there was no talk about record deals. However, record labels are still interested in adding talent to their rosters. But, in the case of Dee-1, he may be somewhat difficult for labels to understand.

Not quite gospel, Dee-1 is a bit different from the other rappers in the game. RCA saw the vision and they added Dee-1 to their roster via their RCA Inspiration imprint. Dee-1 is currently working on his Psalms of David II mixtape and his debut album, which is due in early 2014.

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