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Epic Fail: Nicki Minaj fan attempts to pose like her [PHOTO]

Nicki Minaj topless 1By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Starting this weekend, fans have begun sharing their Nicki Minaj-inspired poses that she has reposted on Instagram. Few celebrities have fan bases as devoted as those who support Nicki Minaj, the “Barbz.” But, with the fan poses, some have provided bits of humor even if they weren’t intended to.

Nicki Minaj is easily one of the sexiest women in the game and she often looks better than some of the models. Had she not been the rapper, Nicki Minaj could be a model and she has done work in modeling through her brands. Along the way, Nicki Minaj developed a signature style and several memorable poses.

One of Nicki Minaj’s sexiest poses is her stretched back pose, which enhances her legendary posterior. Many fans have attempted to do Nicki Minaj poses and this fan is the one who got the Instagram repost. She did the stretch perfectly, but she doesn’t have the curves Nicki Minaj acquired.

See the Instagram photo below:

Nicki Minaj pose

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