Kafani addresses the public for the first time since the shooting with Instagram message [PHOTO]

KafaniBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Any rapper who has traveled through the Bay Area will openly state that it’s no walk in the park there. The people in Oakland, San Francisco, and surrounding areas all play by their own rules and always have. But, things have gotten out of hand recently with beef putting Messy Marv and Kafani in tough situations.

At his own video shoot, Kafani was shot five times and rushed to the hospital, where he has been over the past three weeks. Before this, Kafani had dealt with some woman who hacked his Twitter and Instagram and called him gay. All of those issues were immediately sidelined, as the Bay Area beef was brewing.

Kafani has not been a major topic of discussion since he has been in the hospital receiving treatment. Three weeks have passed and Kafani has been recuperating from his injuries. This afternoon, Kafani took to his Instagram to post a photo of himself in his hospital bed and a message about him handling his injuries like a man should.

See Kafani’s Instagram post below:

Kafani IG

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