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Album Preview: Yo Gotti – “I Am”

I AmBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Early last year, Yo Gotti released his long-awaited major label debut, Live From the Kitchen. The album boosted Yo Gotti and he performed throughout the spring and summer months. When 2013 came, Yo Gotti negotiated another major label deal, partnering with Epic Records, and then delivering I Am.

Yo Gotti waited until the summer and he dropped the infectious “Act Right” single that features CTE’s Jeezy and YG. Easily one of the biggest hits of the summer, the hip hop world ate “Act Right” up from the moment the song hit. But, Yo Gotti has a full album behind that record.

November 19 is when Yo Gotti will drop I Am, but before this, he released the official track listing and artwork. In addition to the guest appearances from the aforementioned YG and Jeezy, T.I. also appears on the album. “King Shit” is the other single off the album.

See the I Am track listing below:

1. I Am
2. Don’t Come Around
3. I Know
4. Sorry
5. F-U
6. Pride To the Side
7. Cold Blood
8. LeBron James
9. Die a Real Niggaa
10. King Shit (feat. T.I.)
11. Respect That You Earn
12. ION Want It
13. Act Right (feat. Jeezy & YG)

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