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HHV Exclusive: Portia Dee talks “Live Your Fantasy,” DJ Symphony, and time on “Flavor of Love”

Portia DeeBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Entertainment is the hardest industry to break into, but a plus about it is that once a person is in, they are never truly out. Back in 2006, Portia Dee got her big break as a reality television star. But, most know her as a singer who is pushing her latest single, which is called “Live Your Fantasy.”

Portia Dee made her debut in 2006 on “Flavor of Love” and was nicknamed Smokey by the titular character, Flavor Flav. As most probably felt or knew deep down, the show was not completely reality and these ladies put on a show. The filters have been off for some time and Portia Dee is now best-known for her music.

Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to talk to Portia Dee, as she is promoting her new single, “Live Your Fantasy.” Portia Dee is working with DJ Symphony and her single will be on his next mixtape. She talked to Hip Hop Vibe about the promotion of her new single, DJ Symphony, and “Flavor of Love.”

Read the entire interview below:

Originally, you’re from South Korea and you spent time in Canada before moving to Los Angeles, can you explain this journey? I was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Canada at a very young age.My father got a job there so we all moved. I grew up in Canada then moved to the United States a few years ago, so I could pursue music and acting.

How long have you been recording your self-titled debut album? I am not focusing on an album just right now but will definitely come out with more singles. Right now, I am working with DJ Symphony on a remix for the ‘Live Your Fantasy’ single.

Are you releasing this independently, or do you have support from a label? The remix will be coming out on Halloween and released on a mixtape produced by DJ Symphony as well as on my own record label.

When did you record the “Live Your Fantasy” record and what led to it becoming a single? It was recorded a while ago and went through a few changes to become more radio friendly and commercially successful.

The track is doing well on radio, were you expecting the song to catch on the way it did? I was a bit nervous at first, being one of my first singles. But, I knew we had something special to show and I completely trusted my producer’s influence. Being in the industry for so long and producing commercially successful records before, I knew I was in good hands. Plus, I handpicked him to produce it and completely trust my judgement and instincts.

Before you began recording your album, you did “Flavor of Love,” can you tell us more about that experience? The “Flavor of Love” was the best and worst experience in my life to be completely truthful (laughs.) I was basically plucked from obscurity, transported to the United States, and planted on the highest rated VH1 show ever during that time. So, for me, it was a very exciting experience and felt very lucky to have gotten the part. No one ever expected it to be such a worldwide success. I guess it was cool to be a so-called ‘mini celebrity.’ I went to all the hottest parties in Hollywood and became kind of in the ‘IT’ crowd. But I had always been very serious about music and acting so for me it was kind of embarrassing to be labeled a ‘reality star.’ I really wanted to be taken seriously. It was fun though and did open a lot of doors,so i don’t regret anything.

What’s the biggest difference between “Smokey” and Portia Dee? Smokey was more of a caricature of me. A bit more quirky and goofy. Portia Dee is a bit more serious and sophisticated than the character portrayed in the show.

When you started this album, did you consult Flavor Flav at all? No, I actually didn’t. I have a feeling he would be pretty happy that one of his ‘girls’ (laughs) is in the same game as him. I’m sure he would wish me well.

You’ve starred in television programs, but you also expressed interest in producing some, what type of shows would you want to create? Most likely semi-scripted reality based type shows(laughs) !Go figure right?! I have a few ideas.

Where can we find you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Catch me on Facebook at PortiaDee. I’m on Instagram @PortiaDeexo. Follow me on Twitter @PortiaDeeSinger.

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