Too Hot For TV: Erica Mena goes topless with Cyn Santana in Instagram pic [PHOTO]

Erica and Cyn 1By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Whatever the situation with Erica Mena and Cyn Santana is, it is definitely a pleasure to watch it play out daily. Both women have mastered the game and they make it work for them. Modeling is only one part of what they are doing, as they have become embedded in this hip hop culture.

Equally important in the overall landscape are women like these. At the end of the month, “Love & Hip Hop” fans will get their doses of Erica Mena, once again. But, those who simply look at the Instagram photos will still get their show, which is equally must-see.

Erica Mena and Cyn Santana definitely made the summer much hotter than it would’ve been. Everybody knows the fall season is when couples snuggle up and Erica Mena has done so with Cyn Santana. Today, Erica Mena posted an Instagram photo of her and her twin, Cyn, going topless on the bed.

See Erica Mena and Cyn Santana below:

Erica and Cyn topless

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