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Diddy loses $1 million to Rick Ross

Diddy 5By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since he’s got enough money to fund such business ventures as television networks and annually tops Forbes, Diddy’s really got money to blow. Doing everything possible for hip hop, Diddy even assisted Rick Ross in his takeover during the 2010-2011 period. The two have remained friends in the years since then.

Because Diddy has worked on other business ventures, as has Rick Ross, the two have not been as close as they once were. Their businesses have taken them in such different directions that the world may never see the Bugatti Boyz. However, they’re rich, so they will always show off that life.

Who else would take to Twitter to post something like this? He didn’t go into details, but Diddy let it be known that he lost some money. More than most make in a year, or even five years, Diddy lost $1 million to Rick Ross, who will need it sooner than Diddy with his $40 million net work compared to Diddy’s $500 million.

Read Diddy’s tweet below:

Diddy tweet

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