Gucci Mane leaks NAKED pic of Nicki Minaj, clowns her for having ass shots on Twitter, little brother claims he was hacked

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Nicki Minaj and Tyga came back hard at Gucci Mane and it looks like the 1017 Brick Squad leader hasn’t had enough. Gucci Mane has spent the entire afternoon taking his shots at the Young Money camp and Rocko. Each has taken their time to respond, but have since moved on.

In the case of Gucci Mane, he was a big help to a lot of people early in their career. This is very true when it comes to Nicki Minaj. Before joining Young Money, Nicki Minaj ran with Gucci Mane’s camp and did songs with Yo Gotti, which built her momentum and led to the deal.

Whatever the case was, Nicki Minaj paid her debts and moved on. According to his recent Twitter posts, Gucci Mane hasn’t. Gucci Mane went on Twitter and admitted he had dirt on a lot of people and he has leaked the naked pictures of Nicki Minaj, even though his brother says it’s all been a hack.

See the naked picture of Nicki Minaj below:


Read Gucci Mane’s tweet below:
Gucci Nicki tweets

See the picture of Nicki Minaj sucking Gucci Mane here.


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