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Lil Wayne tweets about “Dedication 5”

Lil Wayne Trayvon 1By Agustin A. Iglesias
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Who said Lil Wayne doesn’t have clout in the game anymore? This dude still is the biggest rapper in the game, period. Maybe his music doesn’t sound the way it used to and people don’t like it, but don’t act like Lil Wayne still isn’t grabbing the top headlines every time his name is mentioned.

Lil Wayne announced Dedication 5 earlier this week and the internet has not stopped buzzing about it. Today, when he didn’t drop the mixtape at 5 pm, there were fans actually mad about it. With DJ Drama, Lil Wayne has created an iconic mixtape staple that deserves a spot among the greats.

Fans are still online waiting on Lil Wayne to drop his new mixtape. Young Money promised the mixtape tonight and Lil Wayne is not one who willingly breaks a promise to the fans. Lil Wayne took to his Twitter tonight, only a few minutes ago, and he made a cryptic tweet about the mixtape.

Read Lil Wayne’s tweet below:

Lil Wayne tweet mixtape

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