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Interscope Records reportedly blocked Fabolous’ “Control” response

Interscope RecordsBy K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In the thick of the Kendrick Lamar “Control” situation, Hip Hop Vibe asked if Fabolous would provide a response. When several interviews were conducted, Fabolous spoke of how he would assume his position as king of New York. Since a lot of people have counted Fabolous out and he wasn’t mentioned on “Control,” this was his chance.

Several days have gone by and there have been responses from some of everyone, everyone but Fabolous. A lot of names on the New York hip hop scene, and even New Jersey, have called out Kendrick Lamar. Still, there has been no response from Fabolous about the “Control” track with Big Sean.

Now, according to the Twitter posts from the fans, Interscope Records may have had a hand in Fabolous’ diss not coming. Five days have passed since Fabolous asked to see if any studios were open. Apparently, Interscope Records shut them down and there were fans tweeting about it.

See the fans tweets below:

Interscope tweet

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