Trav and 50 Cent exchange disses on Twitter after brawl at Kidd Kidd listening party

TravBy Agustin A. Iglesias
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As an artist and a person, 50 Cent has grown a lot since he first came into the game. It still is advised to not get on his bad side, but 50 Cent no longer feels the need to haul off and diss every person who makes him mad. 50 Cent last did that with Rick Ross and since then, no other hip hop artist has gotten a response from him.

50 Cent still has no love for Rick Ross, but has always maintained he was a big fan and supporter of Meek Mill. In his interviews, Meek Mill echoed these sentiments, but has never made any appearances with 50 Cent. When he did, the natural question was what Rick Ross would think about it.

When 50 Cent saw Trav at the party, hostilities began being exchanged. Meek Mill quickly jumped in and diffused the situation. Going on his Twitter, Meek Mill said this feud has nothing to do with him, so do not tie him to it, but 50 Cent and Trav went back and forth with each other.

Watch the 50 Cent/Trav exchange and Meek Mill breaking it up below:

Read the tweets between 50 Cent and Trav below:

Trav tweetTrav tweet 2Trav tweet 3Trav tweet 4

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