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HHV First Look: Dope Couture

Dope CoutureBy DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Mixtapes are cool and all that, but HHV First Look was started to spotlight clothing lines. So far, a lot of independent clothing companies have been spotlighted and interviewed, but today things are changed up. Dope Couture has been doing their thing over the past six years, so Hip Hop Vibe decided to give them a look.

There is a reason all of the biggest names in hip hop rock Dope Couture. It’s actually pretty simple, the clothing line lives up to it’s name, it is full of dope couture. Kid Ink and Wiz Khalifa are only some of the rappers who have rocked Dope Couture and made appearances with it on.

In our latest HHV First Look Edition, we gave a look at Dope Couture. The brand has dope snapbacks, shoes, and t-shirts. Dope Couture goes hard with their designs and hopefully they continue to have success because a brand this dope does not deserve to be wasted.

See photos of Dope Couture products below:

Dope Couture Kid InkDope Couture Wiz KhalifaDope Couture 2Dope Couture 3Dope Couture 4Dope Couture 5Dope Couture 6

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