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Ice Cube labels Dwight Howard “Dwight Coward” in concert [VIDEO]

Ice CubeBy Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers have plenty of reasons to be upset. In America, sports are the favorite pastime and they are taken very seriously. The latest villain in American sports is Dwight Howard of the NBA. Last year, he disappointed Orlando Magic fans when he packed his bags to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now, one year later, Dwight Howard is done in Los Angeles and is now headed to Houston to play for the Rockets. Lakers’ fans have already begun piling on the insults and even Kobe Bryant has admitted to being upset. But, Ice Cube offered his two cents, recently, taking things a bit further.

During a recent concert, Ice Cube stopped the show to talk about sports. Obviously upset with how things turned out, Ice Cube flipped out on Dwight Howard. Bashing him for leaving, Ice Cube even coined a new name for Dwight Howard, Dwight Coward, a name likely to catch on with disgruntled fans.

Watch the entire video below:
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