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HHV Exclusive: “Unsigned 2 Undisputed” to drop on July 10

Unsigned 2 UndisputedBy Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Joining the Hip Hop Vibe family back in February has been an enriching and wonderful opportunity. Hopefully, their feeling is mutual about this new arrangement that has brought new elements into my own career. This past spring, a mixtape was announced initially called Unknown to Undisputed that was due in the summer.

The summer is here, but Unknown to Undisputed won’t be. Set to include music from such guys as King James, Chox-Mak, and Jae Bell, these artists are not unknown, they have huge followings. A better term is unsigned, which begins Unsigned 2 Undisputed, the new mixtape series from Preemo exclusively on Hip Hop Vibe.

A number of the hottest unsigned rappers in the game have been drawn together, this also includes such names as Trel Mack, Choppa Zoe, Chill Will, and Tiffany Foxx, among others. Together, this is Unsigned to Undisputed, which is set to be released this week on the date of July 10, be on the lookout.

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