Future and Ciara threatened by gang members after 2013 BET Awards

Future and Ciara 2By Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It was a lavish celebration of all things positive in urban entertainment at the 2013 BET Awards, as all the stars came out. Ever since 2011, Future has dropped nothing but consistent hits that established artists could not help but get involved with. This helped Future grow from being yet another mixtape rapper to an established star himself.

Not only did Future shift the focus back to Atlanta hip hop, he also brought back a pop star the hip hop world was fond of. Ciara took an extended break from the game, but returned to the forefront when she was rumored to be dating Future. The rumors have been confirmed and they rank highly as one of hip hop’s top couples.

Hip hop seems to be happy for Future and Ciara, it really sucks that the sentiment was not shared by Los Angeles gangbangers who were rumored to have threatened the couple. Rumors suggest one of Future’s bodyguards got hurt in a failed attack against him and Ciara. Greystone Manor, the club where the incident took place, was shut down the following night.

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