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HHV Exclusive: DJ P Exclusivez talks Chief Keef’s “Peep Hole” and “Trap Starz Music 13”

DJ P ExlusivezBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There are plenty of mixtape DJs, all of which have their own specific niche. But, one of the leading DJs and the longest-tenured is DJ P Exclusivez. Fans of Southern hip hop and trap music should be familiar with him. However, few have realized that DJ P Exclusivez is actually from Canada.

The internet virtually wiped out the importance of region in hip hop and it leveled the playing field. DJ P Exclusivez had a jump on most of the DJs who began releasing mixtapes online. He started his Trap Starz Music mixtape series in 2005 and he established the brand in 2007.

Today, DJ P Exclusivez released his latest mixtape, Trap Starz Music 13, which premiered Chief Keef’s “Peep Hole” single. With the new mixtape out today, Hip Hop Vibe reached out to DJ P Exclusivez. During the interview, DJ P Exclusivez talked about his Trap Starz brand, Chief Keef, and his new mixtape.

Read the entire interview below:

For those who do not know, tell them what Trap Starz Music is? Trap Starz Music is a brand I’ve built in 2007 off trap music involving and introducing the hottest trap music artists. I was one of the first to do trap mixtape series back in the days and bitters came in quick. Trap Starz was the first one I ever did in 2005.

What were your goals with your Trap Starz Music mixtape series and do you feel as if you accomplished them? My goal was to bring the best and most exclusive trap music on the market which is what my name and brand stand for, and, no, I still feel that I have a lot to learn and work on to feel accomplished with it.

On your latest edition, Trap Starz Music 13, you have Zaytoven hosting the project, why did you feel he was the right person to host the tape? Because he’s been one of my true supporters since day one and always took me seriously. It was also my way to help him promote his new movie, called Birds Of A Feather, that dropped the same day I’ve dropped it. Make sure you go cop the movie on iTunes and the Birds Of A Feather soundtrack with DJ Spinz off too. Next one is about to be crazy too, shout out to DJ Scream.

What type of process do you go through in deciding who will host your mixtapes? To be honest, I don’t give a fuck about who host my projects, I’m good by myself. I rock with who rock with me. Loyalty mean everything to me.

Chief Keef’s “Peep Hole” premiered on Trap Starz Music 13, how do you go about getting exclusives from major artists? HA. I deal directly with the artists, themselves, most of the time.

With Chief Keef and Zaytoven working on a joint project and them both working with you, will you be involved with their new release? I’m not sure about that one, but I got a project with Soulja Boy and Zaytoven in the making.

Despite being a Canadian-based DJ, you work with a lot of Southern artists on your mixtape, can you explain why? Because that’s what I’ve been personally listening to, I will never fake myself out, I do me. I also been trying to bring that new flavor to my country and brand it out, internationally. I got DJs from all over the globe working. It’s more than just Canada and music. At the same time, I got my own partners in the South side of the city, Ottawa, Canada, that I’m working with that I think will make a serious impact in the rap industry in the future. Be on the lookout for Chris Varsity and Young Phenom.

Evidenced by your brand, you are a big fan of trap music, what draws you to this specific genre of hip hop? Because it reflects real life situations and I always been a fan of dark music. It’s always been the type of music I’ve been on since a child.

Who are some of your favorite trap artists, those you work with and those you have not? My personal favorites I’ve been working with are probably OJ Da Juiceman, Yung LA, Shawty Lo, Yung Ralph, Big Stacksss, and Young Throwback. For the ones I haven’t worked with, I’d say Gucci Mane, even though I’ve already did an official compilation, called The Hood Classics with Zaytoven a while ago.

Can you give us your contact info, such as your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Y’all can reach out to me on Twitter @DJPExclusivez and “DJ P Exclusivez” on Facebook. You can also log on to have a closer look of what we are supporting and what we got going on.