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HHV Exclusive: Jayce Verse talks “The Hottest Summer Ever, Pt. II” and World Mob movement

Jayce VerseBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It is hard to avoid Atlanta in hip hop because they are having an impact on every aspect of the game. As was stated by Jarren Benton in his interview with Hip Hop Vibe, there was once a time when Atlanta was not the focus. Most of the artists from the city are pleased about this transition.

Jayce Verse joins the large number of Atlanta emcees who are having a major impact on the game. Still rising the ranks, Jayce Verse has been making moves over the past few years. Unlike other artists, however, Jayce Verse does not flood the internet with new projects, instead he drops every other summer.

Hip Hop Vibe had a chance to speak with Jayce Verse and he broke it down to us all that he does to keep himself going. Planning to release a new project this summer, Jayce Verse explained his recording process. First discussing his World Mob label, Jayce Verse also spoke on what it would take to get him to join a major label.

Read the entire interview below:

How do you feel about the new energy that is surrounding the rap game? I love it and to know I had a part in the whole movement makes me very proud. I’m a fan first and rapper second. It was time realness made a comeback.

As an independent artist, what would it take for you to consider a major label deal? Mid seven figures with a sizable advance,100% publishing, 30% on all CD sales, 60% internet web based sales, 100,00 advance for each mixtape and a sizable video budget, final approval over album tracks, partial ownership of my masters. I believe if you spend big, you get big results. It is not our jobs to make the web based plays and sales count, that is the job of a label, to make sure the revenue comes in.

You have your own label, World Mob Entertainment, can you talk about that? World M.O.B. Ent. is a label I started after a couple record deals went bad. I saw how things were done and I didn’t like what I saw. My company is just like any other, but our unit is a family, and catered to the working artist. If you are willing to work, it’s very easy to come out in the green, even as an indie artist when signed to World M.O.B. We have a PR/Artist Management department run by @Soambitiousone and, before the end of 2013, we will open our Film/media dept. We are now accepting interns and staff!

In terms of music, what should fans expect from your next release? A look into the real me. I’m going to let people in, and I’m not just a beef rapper or a pretty face. My next song is “MOMMA” and it’s a song about and for my mother. I love my momma and its time the world knew how much and why.

Are you impressed with how the project came together? This time around, it wasn’t really a project. It was more of me just recording for me and my personal mental health. Mic therapy. So The Hottest Summer Ever, Pt. II is more me letting some personal things be known.

Can you talk about the recording process for the new album? Since I only drop every other summer, I had time to build a lot of songs for this CD. My usual session is going to the studio with a clean canvas, a pencil and pad in hand with a slight idea of where I want the song to go. Green is always the first color on my canvas. The beat we are working with will apply the next layer of color and take my mind and my pen to a situation or time that I want to focus on, the next thing you know there is a beautiful picture in the form of a song beating through the studio.

Who are some of the guests on this upcoming album? No real features on this CD. I put most of my features on remixes. look for the remix CD this winter!

Did you feel the need to go after a major guest feature for this project? Yes. When you are this far in, it’s expected. I reached out to a few people for remixes and verses. I’ll be dropping them soon as the weather get chilly, unless sales demand I drop it early.

How do you think your sound will impact hip hop in 2013? It’s a new year and a new CD, so it’s a new Verse too. My sound is effecting the game, right now ,from major artists stealing my catch phrases to re-tweets from people in the game I admire, so who knows. I’m enjoying the ride right now. I”m living my dream without a major deal, but when I see someone on social media saying they’re a World M.O.B. Solider, it makes me feel good and I’m glad of the return of REAL music to Hip Hop and R&B.

Can you give us your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so people can follow you? for all things Jayce Verse, @Jayceverse on Twitter, @Trilljayceverse on Instagram, and follow my label @worldmobent also if you are ready to take your career to the next level, hit up @soambitiousone on Twitter for the best publicist in the game!

I want to dedicate this interview to the Jones family,who experienced a tragedy no human being should have to deal with. Our prayers are with you and your family. May God allow you peace and Forgiveness. Steve, if you need me I’m only a call away.

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