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Meek Mill talks “Levels” with MTV News [VIDEO]

Meek Mill 3By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Maybach Music is a major enterprise and Meek Mill is an integral member. Last year, he became the focal point of the label. Since the fall, Meek Mill has not been in the headlines the way he once was, but he promised to deliver Dreamchasers 3 this year. With the next edition of Self Made on the way, Meek Mill could not stay gone for long.

Recently, Meek Mill released his single, “It’s Levels to this Shit.” Clearly, the song has been abbreviated to “Levels,” as it is becoming a major hit single. Meek Mill is preparing the game for his upcoming work. Whatever the next project for Meek Mill is, it will all start with “Levels.”

Meek Mill talked to MTV News’ Rob Markman about his upcoming work. As previously stated, all the new work from Meek Mill starts with “Levels.” Now, everybody is going around saying “it’s levels to this shit” and Meek Mill started the phrase. He spoke on this with MTV.

Watch the entire interview below:

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