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Juicy J talks Three 6 Mafia with MTV’s “RapFix Live” [VIDEO]

Juicy J 10By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Eight years ago, Three 6 Mafia rose from being cult favorites to becoming the biggest crew in the game. Juicy J and DJ Paul released “Stay Fly” late in the summer of 2005 and it became one of their biggest hits. Three 6 Mafia took their run into 2006 and they ended up winning an Academy Award, which they boasted about.

It has been five years since Three 6 Mafia released a new album. Now, Juicy J has gone solo and has two major hits of his own out. In various interviews, Juicy J talked about Three 6 Mafia and those interviewing him have hinted at an internal beef. Juicy J dispels this in every interview, saying he and DJ Paul often talk.

Sway Calloway got an explanation out of Juicy J regarding Three 6 Mafia when he appeared on MTV’s “RapFix Live.” When asked what it would take to get Three 6 Mafia back together, Juicy J said it would take at least $15 million. The problem is not internally, however, the problem is from Columbia Records shelving Three 6 Mafia in Juicy J’s opinion.

Watch the entire interview below: