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  1. Jay-Z doppelganger from 1939 surfaces

    [...] reasons. But, from $500 million away, surely he cannot hear, nor does he care, what people say. Foxy Brown recently aired Jay-Z out, claiming he was bisexual and gave her a [...]

  2. CORRECTION: Larry Johnson of the NBA is NOT mentioned in Foxy Brown tell-all

    [...] this week, Hip Hop Vibe reported about Foxy Brown writing a tell-all book that outed Jay-Z and others for their misdeeds. In the initial report, there were claims of a [...]

  3. Foxy Brown denies comments about Jay-Z originally from tell-all book

    [...] weeks ago, Foxy Brown caused a lot of controversy when she revealed she was writing a tell-all book that would expose many of the biggest names in entertainment. In this book, a lot of claims were made. Foxy Brown revealed she lost her virginity to Jay-Z and [...]

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