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HHV Exclusive: Yukmouth talks origination of Plies feud

YukmouthBy Q The Question
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

SKE Records is booming right now, but interviews are also entertaining. One of the biggest stories that flew under the radar this week was Yukmouth airing out Plies on his new single, “Charles Bronson.” Yukmouth is no stranger to controversy, as he has gone after Master P and Game, only to name a few.

Though Plies is a very popular artist, he has not been much of a favorite among fellow rappers. After collaborating with Jamie Foxx, the singer famously called Plies out for not being the “goon” he claims to be. A lot of people who got behind the scenes with Plies echoed similar statements.

But, with Yukmouth going in on Plies hard, somebody had to contact him to get his official word on what happened. So, I spoke to Yukmouth on behalf of Hip Hop Vibe to see what was really going on. A lot of people may think Yukmouth is only going after Plies to get his name back going, let’s just say… not the case.

Listen to the entire interview below:

Watch “Charles Bronson” by Yukmouth below:

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