Sway Calloway addresses Kanye West’s TV accusation on “Sway in the Morning” [AUDIO]

Sway CallowayBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Kanye West has gained points for saying and doing whatever he wants. There are times when this works and then times when it backfires in the worst way. Despite this, Kanye continues to do what he does best, use his voice to call out people he feels are wrong. In his latest case, MTV’s Sway Calloway is his target.

Sway Calloway launched “Hottest MCs in the Game” back in 2007. Since the very beginning of the series, it has come under fire. Instead of basing the countdown on talent, it is based on who has the biggest buzz that year. In 2009, the countdown was infamously ridiculed.

On the latest list, Kanye West ranked seventh and he was angered by that and also felt that Lil Wayne should top the list for 2012. Sway Calloway laughed everything off, including Kanye West’s claims he purchased Sway’s first TV set. On Shade 45, Sway confirmed this and said he still owns the TV.

Listen to “Sway in the Morning” by Sway Calloway below:

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