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Drake drops $50,000 at Charlotte strip club

Drake 9By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Back in 2006, Fat Joe changed the dynamics of spending money when he released his chart-topping hit single, “Make it Rain.” In the years since “Make it Rain” came out, several people have used the phrase and it has gone very mainstream. “Make it Rain” has become so popular, it has inspired other songs of that title.

Primarily used to describe showering dollar bills on strippers, Drake lived up to this expression when he visited Charlotte. All of the biggest names in urban entertainment roamed the streets of Charlotte for CIAA Weekend. Set to party with his industry friends, the popular Young Money rapper came into the strip club ready.

Drake went to Cameo Nightclub in Charlotte and he had a cardboard box filled with bricks of cash, totaling $50,000. As the night progressed, Drake emptied the box of money, showering the girls. In the end, $75,000 was left for the ladies, as Bleu DaVinci chipped in an extra $25,000.

See photos of Drake at Cameo in Charlotte below:

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