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Yo Gotti and CMG sign label deal with Epic Records

Yo Gotti LA Reid officialBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Independently, Yo Gotti has built a legacy for himself. Though some may not like his music, few have consistently released music the way Yo Gotti has. Last fall, Yo Gotti released his mixtape, CM7: The World is Yours. However, the spotlight primarily was on his CMG artist, Zed Zilla.

Signing Future and Ca$h Out on the heels of each other, it looked as if L.A. Reid had a bias for Atlanta. The head of Epic Records, L.A. Reid has had his hands full and has a love for the mixtape scene.  After signing Rocko, Future, and Ca$h Out, L.A. Reid has now signed Yo Gotti.

Initially, there were rumors of Yo Gotti signing a deal, fueled by him posting a photo of himself and L.A. Reid on Twitter. Now, the full details of the deal have been released. Instead of a simple record deal, Yo Gotti has signed a partnership with Epic Records for his entire roster of CMG, which will include promotion and distribution. Yo Gotti feels this deal is right for him and his company and he released an official statement regarding the deal.

Read the Yo Gotti’s statement below:

“This is a solid partnership that allows me to do what I do on bigger platforms, with the respect and support of the Epic team,” explains Yo Gotti. “Throughout L.A. Reid‘s career, I realize he has been a part of creating some of the biggest superstars in the industry. I feel there is no better person to partner with.”

“After my meeting with L.A. Reid, Benny Pough and his staff felt like Epic would be the perfect home to further the growth of CMG.”