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Noah “40” Shebib talks “Started from the Bottom” and Drake’s new album with Hollywood Reporter

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Those who grew tired of Drake taking the spotlight saw that he could indeed play a background role in the rap game. Taking 2012 off to record singles with Rick Ross and Meek Mill, among others, Drake is now back and has already taken the game back. Much attention has gone to A$AP Rocky, who released his debut album, and Joe Budden who released an album and is on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop.”

Drake managed to eclipse all of this with his “Started from the Bottom” single that Wiz Khalifa remixed only hours after the song was released. Initially due on Grammy night, Drake released the single and it went on to be remade by Soulja Boy and Rocky Diamonds, among others. Of course, Noah “40” Shebib is the producer of the song.

Considered Drake’s right-hand man, Noah “40” Shebib spoke on the new music from Drake during his interview with Hollywood Reporter. In the interview, Noah “40” Shebib first spoke on the immediate success of “Started from the Bottom.” 40 went on to speak on Drake’s upcoming third album, saying he does not know the complete status of the album.