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Fabolous talks “Loso’s Way 2” and New York hip hop with Billboard

Fabolous 5By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When he first jumped into the game, Fabolous immediately gained comparisons to Jay-Z and eventually was signed to Def Jam under his leadership. Several times, Fabolous has been mentioned as one of the “next up” in New York City. Fabolous would state, during his 2007 run, that he was going to step up to the plate.

Instead, Fabolous has released one album in the past five years. However, Fabolous has re-established his strength in the mixtape game. But, Fabolous is in the midst of a comeback and he remains on Def Jam’s roster. While New York City already has new leaders, A$AP Rocky and French Montana, Fabolous is still preparing his takeover.

With Loso’s Way 2 in the works, Fabolous talked to Billboard. Fabolous explained that his album does not have a release date. Despite this, Fabolous still feels it will be released in 2013 and congratulated A$AP Rocky and French Montana. During the interview, Fabolous also gave credit to Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

Fabolous also talked about the collaborations on his upcoming album. Future, John Legend, Rick Ross, Ne-Yo, and Young Jeezy are among those who will be featured on the album. During the interview, Fabolous also revealed he has talked to Nas about contributing to his new album.