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Nicki Minaj reveals love for nicknaming people on “American Idol” [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj 3By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A lot of things have been said about Nicki Minaj. While she is a big star, Nicki Minaj never claimed to be perfect. In 2010, fans had the opportunity to get to know Nicki Minaj on a personal basis and she spoke on how her mind works. Fans learned of Nicki Minaj’s multiple personalities and her past suicidal thoughts.

Most importantly, they saw a young woman defy the odds to become one of the biggest figures in urban entertainment, ever. Eccentricity is what works for Nicki Minaj, it helps her to sell records, while her body captures the attention of fans. Nicki Minaj helped establish Lil Wayne’s reputation as a record label boss when she joined Young Money and she is now a boss.

Judging “American Idol,” infamously, alongside Mariah Carey, there are some lighter activities that take place with Nicki Minaj. Things are not always tense and when things are calm, Nicki Minaj shows off her wacky side. Recently, Nicki Minaj let the “American Idol” cameras follow her behind the scenes and showed her giving nicknames to the contestants.

Watch the entire video below: