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HHV Exclusive: DJ Tay Don’t Play talks “Str8 Spazzin, Vol. 7,” work with Phenomenal Radio, SpazOut 360, and more

DJ Tay

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In the Midwest, a name to be on the lookout for is SpazOut, which is taking a firm control of the streets. While the SpazOut movement was launched in the Midwest, it now has a strong foothold in several cities. Atlanta, New York City, and Miami are among the places where the house built by DJ Tay Don’t Play has expanded to.

DJ Tay Don’t Play has started 2013 off with a new focus, himself and his own projects. After working with several artists in 2012, DJ Tay Don’t Play is taking time to build his own brand to where he feels it should be. In doing this, DJ Tay Don’t Play has found a strong supporter in the form of Phenomenal Radio.

Recently, DJ Tay Don’t Play took time out to update Hip Hop Vibe on the projects that he has in the works. Among the topics discussed was the Freebandz-focused Str8 Spazzin, Vol. 7, his work with Phenomenal Radio, and the new SpazOut 360 DJs. Now the leader of his own coalition, DJ Tay Don’t Play is ready to go global.

Read the entire interview below:

What should fans expect from Str8 Spazzin, Vol. 8? Oh, a lot of energy.

What is different about this tape? Free Bandit Edition, what’s different about this tape is that me and the host have history. He turned me on to Future, telling me he was next four years ago. We linked back up a mutual friends and we decided the time is now. Nascar Nat.

Who are some of the people featured on the new project? Right now, I have a lot of Atlanta artists, Dat Boy Nat, some of the Freebandz on the tape, Future, Young Scooter, and the rest of the camp. There is a lot of variety on the project and now I’m trying to push Nat because he looked out for me and I want to do the same for him.

Can you talk about your upcoming work with Phenomenal Radio? I did a mix for them and they liked it. It will air on February 2 and February 3. I really want to see what goes from there, those guys are major. I would like for SpazOut Radio to team up with Phenomenal Radio.

Will you and Slate Stone be collaborating on many other projects? Yeah, I really like the track he has right now, “Real Gs Never Die.” I look forward to working with him and DJ Magic Mike.

What is SpazOut Radio, itself looking like in 2013? You are going to see a strong work ethic in 2013. I helped build with other brands last year, seeing people I worked with getting major label deals. Now, I want to focus on my team this year and help us all grow. So, expect this work ethic. Quoting Loaded Lux, “you gon’ get this work.”

So, you are now the leader of the SpazOut 360 DJs? Yeah. I got my own DJ coalition, DJ Funk, DJ 734, DJ Bruce Wayne, DJ Lil’ One, and DJ Lady Tay, and we are in talks with other DJs. Their work ethic is so strong and every day, we drop a new mixtape, we do our own artwork and we push music out in the streets, DJ in clubs, basically we do everything.

What inspired you to launch this coalition? I have been a part of Don Logan DJs, Trap Monopoly DJs, and I was a part of Coast 2 Coast DJs. Watching these movements inspired me, especially the Don Logan DJs and the way they do things. I decided to go in on my own coalition and build this SpazOut 360 brand to see how far I can take it.

Who are some of the artists you are working with? Right now, I am working with Michigan’s Shot and we have ten mixtapes out, Cho City is another crew I’m working with. They were some of the first acts to work closely with Wiz Khalifa before he took off. We have a show coming up with Chevy Woods and those are my main two artists. Cho City has been in the game for a long time and they have a chance to really last in this game. Their potential to last is there.

How can fans find you online? Twitter is @spazoutradio360 and @spazout360 on Facebook, look up DJ Tay Don’t Play.