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HHV Exclusive: JSKI talks SODMG and Paper Tag Boyz

JskiBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since 2007, Soulja Boy and his crew have been set. Before it was cool, the entire SODMG was pushing their music on the internet. Six years later, this is the new standard of normal in the rap game. JSKI has emerged as one of the most popular members in the SODMG camp and he is now making his own name in the game.

In addition to being a part of SODMG, JSKI is also the leader of the Paper Tag Boyz. JSKI is finding himself highly successful when it comes to running his own company. Somewhat comparable to the SODMG movement, the Paper Tag Boyz are taking the internet over. A sound leader, JSKI has major plans for 2013.

JSKI spoke to Hip Hop Vibe earlier today about these plans. The Atlanta rapper primarily discussed his history with Soulja Boy’s SODMG and the impact the Paper Tag Boyz are having. In the interview, JSKI also spoke on the “New Atlanta” movement and his current position in the rap game.

Read the entire interview below:

How did the whole SODMG movement come together? Well, first off, Soulja Boy grinded hard. With Soulja Boy doing his thing, he made his own label, which is Stacks on Deck Money Gang.

How long were you guys grinding before you became famous? Oh man, I have known Soulja Boy since he was fourteen and we started working together.

What is the relationship within the camp like? Everything is cool, he is signing artists from overseas now. The label is expanding and there is much more in the works. John Boy, JBAR, Young Arab, Killa J, Rodney Heights, Antonio, Killa Cam, and Benny Maxey.

In what ways is your Paper Tag Boyz movement comparable to SODMG? This is my label, which will operate under SODMG. With this being my thing, it is still a joint effort. I hope to sign artists of my own soon.

Who are the members of the Paper Tag Boyz? Well, there is me, my homeboy Young Mista, and another guy who goes by the name of Bo. Eventually, there will be more artists added to the label and we can get this thing officially started and take off.

How long will fans have to wait for the mixtape? Late February we will drop our new mixtape and it’s called Fuck Rap.

On the solo front, who will you be working with in 2013? I will be working with Soulja Boy, Drumma Boy, Ca$h Out, Grind On Ent., and a few more independent artists. I am working with Young Scooter, along with many others, too.

How do you feel about this “New Atlanta” movement and your position in it? Well, the “New Atlanta” movement is about all of us grinding and trying to get money. We need to stop the beefs because there is enough money for everybody. Everybody wants to be the “man,” but we got the game on lock. All this beef does not make any sense, the local artists need to just squash their beefs with big names like T.I. and make their own name. Other than that, everything is fine, we are all doing our thing. Shout out to Trinidad James too.

Are you just as surprised as everyone else is about Trinidad James’ success? Not really, I’m not surprised. In the South, a lot of stars with different styles emerge. There is a lane for everything and if you dominate that lane, you will attract fans. I am not surprised he blew up, but I am surprised he blew up so quickly. 

Can you give us your Facebook and Twitter links so fans can follow you online? Facebook is JSKI SODMG and my Twitter is @JSKISODMG.