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Nas talks beef with FUSE TV [VIDEO]

Nas 5By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In addition to his compelling street tales, Nas is also known for his infamous beefs in the rap game. While this was not his first dust up, Nas went at Jay-Z, helping to re-establish his career. Eleven years after the fact, Nas is still riding the wave first started with being dissed by Jay-Z.

Since then, Nas has also gone at 50 Cent and has been dissed by many others in the game. With hip hop rightfully gaining comparisons to the WWE, veteran rappers are now staying out of beef. Nas is among the artists who now ignore digs other artists take at him.

FUSE TV recently spoke to Nas and he explained why he has decided to avoid participating in feuds. Nas simply explained that his rivals really do not want to go there with him. Lyrically, few rappers come close, let along match, Nas and he could destroy any opponent when it comes to lyrics.

Watch the entire interview below: