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Rick Ross responds to GDs with “Death Threats”

Rick Ross 3By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since the start of his career, Rick Ross faced numerous people trying to pull his “G card.” Before the release of his sophomore album, Rick Ross began being questioned about his past job as a correctional officer. However, Rick Ross portrays a drug kingpin in his music and videos, going against his actual job background.

Unlike any artist before him, Rick Ross grew in popularity once his background was revealed, earning him more respect. Rick Ross said he was a hustler at the end of the day and being a correctional officer is how he made ends meet. During his battle with 50 Cent, Rick Ross dealt with this and “Freeway” Ricky Ross coming back to torment him.

Facing death threats from the Gangsters Disciples in Chicago and Charlotte, Rick Ross eventually cancelled his tour appearances. However, Rick Ross said the business end was not up to par and had nothing to do with the threats. There were rumors of Game trying to help out Rick Ross and now here is a record from the boss and some think it addresses his current situation. The name of the song is “Death Threats.”

Listen to “Death Threats” by Rick Ross below:

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