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On the Rise: Quiet Storm

By The Rap Scout
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop is over-saturated, as there are so many rappers who fall into so many stereotypes. For every rapper who fills a stereotype, there are more rappers who are still rising and attempting to also fill stereotypes. Long Island rapper, Quiet Storm, is nothing like these other up-and-coming rappers.

Quiet Storm is catching the attention of the rap game, as he is preparing for the release of his next mixtape. Due in the spring, Quiet Storm is keeping the game on its toes as he drops new singles and videos. The emergence of Quiet Storm comes right when New York is re-establishing itself in the rap game.

Promoting the “real” hip hop, Quiet Storm joins a new wave of artists helping to restore order in the rap game. Fans have thoroughly enjoyed the music Quiet Storm has been putting out. With each song yielding bigger results, Quiet Storm watched as his fan base continued to grow, due to this, he is Hip Hop Vibe’s latest On the Rise artist.

Read the entire interview below:

How many years have you been working on music? I started recording in 2006, but I started taking music seriously in 2010.

When did things begin to pick up for you? When I started rapping about my real life and stopped talking about what I thought I wanted people to hear. I learned that being real with people made it easier for them to relate to me as a person.

What does it feel like when you see the impact you are having on the people? I never thought that I would ever feel like this or that I would have so many people relate to me through my music. I can honestly say that it is one of the best feelings in the world. Just knowing that there are people out there who can get through situations by listening to my music is so unreal.

In one word, how would you best describe your fan base? Amazing,

How would you pitch yourself to a potential fan? I would ask them to just listen. That’s the hardest thing to get people to do is just to listen. Once people sit down and actually hear what I have to say and what I represent, they are fans and we have a more powerful bond because it came straight from me and not another fan.

What is it that separates yourself from the sea of other up-and-coming rappers? I just speak my mind and I don’t care what anyone says. I am my own person and if people dont like me, oh well, you get what you see. I rap about my life and if people do not like how I am, what I represent or what I stand for then it is what it is. I will never change.

Why do you choose to call yourself ‘Quiet Storm?‘ My mother gave my father the name before I was born because he is the nicest man you will ever meet, but if you ever disrespected him or his family, he was the last person you would want to deal with. As I grew up I was very similar and my dad handed the name down to me.

What is the status on your next project? I’m working on a new project right now that we hope to release in the spring. I’m also working on music for the fans who have stuck by me and are patiently waiting in the mean time.

Where can fans find Quiet Storm online? I’m on Twitter @ItzQuietStorm and on Facebook at For anyone that has not heard my music they can check out my music and videos at

Watch “Never Change” by Quiet Storm below:

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